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Chinese Nuclear Submarine Base

The Nuclear Information Project, by the Federation of American Scientists, has some great information about Chinese military subs with nuclear technology, as well as satellite pictures of a what is considered to be an underground Chinese Nuclear Submarine Base.  These guys know a lot about Chinese nuclear technologies – it’s good to know that American scientist are keeping tabs.

America Versus China

Well, the last few weeks are telling in the battle of America and China. While both parties appear to be playing the “good guy”, it appears as though the race towards world supremacy is heating up. Recently, we heard about Chinese hackers trying to get into the Pentagon. This is scary enough. Now, we hear that there is an organized Chinese effort to “March on America“. Are the Chinese looking to instigate a hacking war against the lone world super-power? This looks to be the case.

The world is shaping up to being an interesting place. Russia, discarded as a world superpower many years ago seems to be trying to reassert itself among the nations of the world. China, laying low for many years, seems to be emboldening. How will these countries be seeing each other a few years from now?

Our predictions: China’s progressive middle class will demand more of its government. They will press for reform and democracy. They will try to assert the 1.4 billion Chinese peoples’ right to free choice and to market economy. China will become even more important on the world stage, but the internal pressures will cause problems, including the tendency towards unionizaton of the bottom class that is currently creating the goods in China.

Russia, with a large population, will likely not cause much of an issue on the world scene. Vladimir Putin’s posturing is a dream of bringing Russia to its previous “glory”. Russia has been a member of the UN security council and will justify its standing, but will not be able to rival China as an emerging super-power.

Only time will tell if we’re right. Comments, feedback and future articles about China-America relations are appreciated.